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Oliver Vartiainen

Tampere, Finland

I'm a software developer who thinks that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.

My first programming job was at 24Rent, a mobility-as-a-service company, from Mar 2015 to Aug 2017 as a backend developer. I learnt the fundamentals of working as a programmer and a team member and how to grow as a person. I was responsible for developing and maintaining a backend with high expectations for reliability. When I left the company, several components of my own initiative had entered the core of the business.

I used to work at Weave, a software consultant company, from Sep 2017 to Mar 2018 as a junior software developer. When I started, I aimed to become better at both the technical and the social side of software development. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because the company was disbanded due to bad winds blowing in the corporate world. During my time at Weave, I learnt various foundational skills as a consultant and discovered more about myself as I could reflect on my time as a one-man development team at my previous job.

I've been working at Kodan from Apr 2018 onwards as a software developer. During my time here, I have become a confident consultant who enjoys working both as part of large engineering teams of huge systems and as a sole developer of narrowly scoped stints. I have also delved deeped into numerous technical subjects that I can now call myself to be an expert in. Furthermore, I have started to see the role that software plays in the future and what part I wish to play in that change.

Outside of work, I enjoy programming other kinds of things. Right now, I circle around graphics, game design and realtime problems. I also find it interesting to study the foundations of modern technologies to try to learn why we have arrived where we are. One topic I often think about is how we could best appreciate the fundamentals of programming instead of building yet another abstraction. Essentially, I spend a lot of time questioning why things are the way they are. You can find software I have written on my GitHub page.

When I'm not programming, I spend time with my daughter, my wife, and our three Italian greyhounds. We hike in the Finnish nature, cook all sorts of food, lie on the floor and laugh, plan our future and focus on the small things in life. I'm also interested in linguistics and learning languages -- Estonian in particular. I wish that one day I knew how to play an instrument and how to knit.

Naming other things that make me happy: ambient music, decluttering, disassembling things, modernist architecture, modesty, photography, printers that just work, sandbox games, Scottish fudge, specialty coffee, Vim, weightlifting, and working with my hands. ∎