Oliver Vartiainen

Oliver Vartiainen

Tampere, Finland

I'm a software developer who thinks that code is a liability and too much time is spent on solutions in search of a problem, and that we can learn to do better.

I've been working at Kodan since April 2018 as a software developer. During my time at Kodan, I have become a confident consultant who enjoys working both as part of large engineering teams of huge systems and as a sole developer of narrowly scoped sprints. Right now, I'm part of a small, focused team that develops a service that aggregates and serves data, replacing legacy point-to-point integrations.

I used to work at Weave, a software consultant company, from September 2017 to March 2018 as a junior software developer. The job was short-lived because the company was dissolved due to corporate needs. During my time at Weave, I learnt various foundational skills as a consultant and reflected on my time as a one-man development team at my previous job. I worked on a full-stack cloud application that involved IoT.

My first programming job was at 24Rent, a mobility-as-a-service company, from March 2015 to August 2017 as a backend developer. I learnt the fundamentals of working as a programmer and a team member and how to grow as a person. I was responsible for developing and maintaining a backend with high expectations for reliability. When I left the company, several systems of my own initiative had become a part of the core of the business.

Outside of work, I enjoy non-web programming. Right now, I'm interested in graphics programming, game design and realtime problems. I also find it interesting to study the foundations of modern technologies to try to understand why we have arrived where we are. I often think about how we could best appreciate the fundamentals of programming instead of mindlessly stacking abstractions on top of each other. Essentially, I spend a lot of time questioning why things are the way they are.

I can call myself an expert in JavaScript and TypeScript, React, Node, *nix systems, relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, and Git. I'm comfortable with Clojure, Java, C, Ruby, Docker, and Redis. I'm most happy working on my own games with Fennel or Lua on top of LÖVE.

Concerning non-digital matters, I'm happy to talk and hear about linguistics and languages (especially Finno-Ugric), making fudge (ask me for a recipe), East Asian cuisine (when in doubt, add oyster sauce), fermentation (it's a rabbit hole), sourdough baking (the worst rabbit hole), and coffee (grind your own beans and you're 90% there). ∎